Davao Chinatown arches

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The Chinatown of Davao City encompasses areas near the old Sta. Ana Wharf which became the city’s main trading center dominated by Filipino-Chinese businesses. It is in this neighborhood that many institutions are also located like Chinese schools, Buddhist temples and Chinese family association buildings. The Chinatown area covers about 44 hectares in four downtown barangays. It’s core areas along Magsaysay Avenue and Sta. Ana Avenue are marked with four Chinese-architectural inspired arches.

This one at the east end of Magsaysay Avenue is called the Arch of Friendship, built by the Dabaw Kaisa Foundation. At the other end of this long stretch of commercial street is the Arch of Unity donated by the Huang-Tan Clan.

Along Sta. Ana Avenue are the Arch of Peace donated by Yuchengco Group and the Arch of Prosperity.

The four arches were designed by the Davao Chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines and have since become popular tourist attractions.


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