Hong Kong can help Philippines realize infrastructure ambition

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Hong Kong can be of great help to the Philippine government’s ambitious plan to build more roads, railways, bridges and the like infrastructure projects, especially under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative aimed at improving connectivity and cooperation, a Hong Kong business executive told Xinhua in an exclusive interview recently.

Chen Zhangcheng, chair of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, said Hong Kong-based businessmen can sink in their capital in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines. By investing in ASEAN countries, he said, more jobs will be created in the region.

“The Philippines is particularly eager to attract investment from Hong Kong, as it enjoys geographical advantages. You can see their officials trying hard to introduce projects and business prospects in the Philippines in every expo and forum held in Hong Kong,” Chen said.

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China Expo

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Philippine Ambassador to China Chito Sta. Romana (center) receives Chinese business delegation escorted by Peter Tiu Lavina during a visit to Beijing recently. Chinese groups are interested to help the Philippines in infrastructure, tourism and trade. Qui Jianlei, General Manager of China BJ Expo, and River Liu (2nd from left), Marketing Representative in the Philippines, plan to bring in Chinese investors and product exhibitors to Manila and Davao. Also present during the visit were NBC Beijing Bureau Chief Eric Baculinao (left) and Ronald Zhang (2nd from right), President of S&P Construction, which proposed a new international seaport project in Manila Bay.